Breeding Program

LowCountry Acres has just embarked on its breeding program adventure. Our goals are twofold:

  • Produce healthy, conformationally correct, intelligent, gentle, high-percentage European Brabants
  • Increase the grey color gene within the purebred European Brabant population.

We presently have one broodmare, Leah, a 75% European Brabant, who’s producing foals. We also have one grey filly, Opal, who is 88% European Brabant and a solid bay filly, Agnes, who is 100% European Brabant. Both Opal and Agnes will be crucial to our growing broodmare herd. What’s more, we are always scouring farms in Europe searching for purebred grey European Brabant fillies in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. We hope to add at least one of those unicorns to our growing herd to help us achieve our goals.

We have an outstanding, and very rare, grey imported stallion. He is the only purebred grey European Brabant stallion in the Western Hemisphere. Check him out.

Onsight Artificial Insemination

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