Halter & Foundation Training

All Ages Are Welcome

This critical stage of training is meant to condition weanling aged horses and/or recondition older horses through positive reinforcement (+R) training and natural horsemanship. This trust-based method established, or reestablishes, a bond with humans that’s based on mutual respect and positive interactions.

Through +R, I teach ground manners for easy handling, skills to improve animal husbandry tasks, trailer loading, grooming, hoof care, oral worming, liberty, obstacles and more. Training also includes practicing catching, leading and tying skills, deworming, hoof trimming, they spend time in box stalls and tie posts and learn to relax out of the herd setting. This training allows the horse to incorporate human contact as a natural part of the life and allows us the opportunity to get to know them.

Here I teach the horse the ground skills necessary for them to be successfully trained and used as a pleasure or working horse. These skills include but are not limited to tacking, free-lunging, ground/line driving and trailer loading. This training and assessment is a required prerequisite for horses to enter training for Saddle and Harness Starting programs. It is the expectation that the horse demonstrates a solid foundation of ground skills and makes an effort to cooperate with the trainer with each task.

Here are a few video examples of Foundation Training at LowCountry Acres.

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