Intermediate Saddle & Harness

Intermediate Saddle & Harness

This stage is about gaining a finer level of harmony and confidence with the rider and/or driver. At this stage the horse has mastered numerous foundation skills that prepare them for a beginner rider to learn with or train in a discipline of their choice.

To be considered an intermediate level, the horse must have a minimum of 50 safe riding/driving miles that includes at least two (2) off-site rides/drives, be at least 4 years of age and consistently demonstrate safe behavior. Training for Intermediate Level includes physical collection, lead changes, neck reining and side passing for saddle work and smooth transitions from stand, walk and trot in harness and side passing (gee and haw) both directions in harness. The focus of the training is to get the horse to readily yield to the rider’s/driver’s cues and teach them to move in a collected, controlled manner at all times with minimal effort from the rider/driver. At the completion of this stage the horse is suitable for anyone from beginner to advanced looking to enjoy a well trained horse for pleasure riding/driving.

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