Saddle & Harness Introduction

Saddle & Harness Introduction

At this level, I teach the horse the basics of saddle work and harness work using the +R method.

For the horse to pass this stage and move on to the next level, they must consistently demonstrate an understanding of saddle/harness basics and willingly cooperate with the trainer. The horse must be at least 18 months of age and consistently demonstrate safe behavior. Skills assessed in this category include but are not limited to walk-off, turning both directions, stopping, backing, traveling while being line driven. They must also learn to stand quiet for saddling and/or willingly and consistently accept the collar and harness. Weight bearing or pulling at this stage is not introduced. At the completion of this stage, the horse will be sent back to pasture for physical maturing and then may be transitioned to Elementary Saddle Work at the age of three.

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