Pamper Session

I spent New Year’s day giving Earl a much-needed bath. Since he can’t technically get wet, I gave him a dry shampoo bath using Coat Defense preventive powder. Many sections of his skin are sloughing off after the trauma, poor boy. His skin is tender and raw. Some areas still have significant bruising and hematomas, so I went very lightly.

His legs have immense swelling from being stalled for two weeks. The immobility obviously prevents movement, which reduces blood flow, thereby causing edema. The leg skin has cracked from the stretching and is now infected. They too are sloughing, so I clipped his feathers (leg hair) so the skin can breath, and treated them with powder too. I’ve ordered some drawing clay for the oozing parts, which should help his legs from the outside and the antibiotics should help from the inside. I’m going to have to devise a physical therapy exercise regime for him while he’s on stall rest.

4 thoughts on “Pamper Session

  1. I can only imagine how healing and reassuring it was to have u by his side. The contact and familiar ministrations are just what he needs. And I imagine being in even a little control of his care is helpful to u. Even if u are unsure and worried, this gives ur body work and mind a place to go besides “worry”. Much love to u.

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