After Two Weeks Home

It will be two weeks tomorrow, since Earl came home. Yesterday, Dr. Sally, who’d not seen him since the initial trauma, came to look him over and capture updated x-rays of his neck. She was surprised, dare I say astonished, at how well he’s doing and how far he’s come. I was pleased by her positive response.

Earl continues to receive mounds of medications three times daily, wound care is now three times a day too and leg treatments twice a day. We’ve had wifi run to the barn, but it’s not working just yet. The goal is to work from the barn and also install security cameras that I can use to monitor Earl while not in the barn. That way, he’ll be looked after and I can still get my work done.

Right now, my sister is visiting from Oregon. It’s lovely to have her here for moral and physical support. She’s a nurse, so helping care for Earl is no big stretch for her. I’ve just gotten in such a routine that I often have a hard time stepping aside and relinquishing the duties to her. I finally did last night. Meggen deftly cleaned and flushed his wound, administered drugs and prepped the next morning’s portions while I mucked the stall, threw hay and washed and filled the water trough.

With her help, I was in bed and snoozing hard by 7:30 pm! That made getting up at 4:00 am to do it all over a lot more endurable. In the end, seeing Earl’s shining, happy eyes, and his ever-improving health, makes it all worth while!

In addition to the medications and wound care, Earl has benefitted from the kind, generous hearts of Bemer therapist, Elizabeth Welch (of Hunters Bay Stables), and Holistic practitioner, MJ Aylesworth of Spotted Ponie Therapies. Elizabeth used her Bemer PEMF blanket and leg wraps while MJ used cold laser and aromatherapy to provide physical and spiritual healing. All of which he found very pleasing.

Thank you to everyone who helped get him this far. He’s got a long journey ahead, but he’s made it through the most critical part.

2 thoughts on “After Two Weeks Home

  1. I have been following your story about Earl since the awful accident. I have to say I am amazed and just in awe at how he’s doing! God bless you for all you’re doing for him! I would love to help financially but just took a horse out of a kill pen and had vet bills, QT and transport (she’ll be here tomorrow) so I now have a “million dollar horse” 🙂 Will continue to follow Earl and praying for a complete recovery – I’m sure he will now! What an awesome soul he is!


  2. This report made my week!!! Although I am not totally surprised, as I know what Herculean efforts you are making and it warms my heart that you have such an amazing support team. I hope u are able to take a moment between his treatments and ur head hitting the pillow to realize and embrace the love these people feel for u and Earl. I still pray that this will be but a “scary” chapter in a very long tale of Earls life as a beloved partner. You are both so lucky to have each other. Not sure what lessons u will come out of this with, but so far, the exhibition of love and total trust u have been given from such a gentle being seems to be the best one yet. Hang in there!


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